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PawsParadise Plush Cat & Dog Bed

PawsParadise Plush Cat & Dog Bed

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Discover the perfect nesting spot with our luxurious PawsParadise ideal for cats, small dogs, and even tiny companions like mice. Its versatile design lets pets snuggle inside or lounge on top for a plush experience.

Made with high-quality plush fabric, soft PP cotton, a waterproof lining, and a non-slip base, it's both durable and comfy. Available in three sizes to cater to various pet weights.

Keep it fresh and fluffy with easy machine wash. Delight in the sight of your pet enjoying the comfort and warmth they deserve.


Setup: Unpack the bed from its packaging and give it a gentle shake to fluff up the material. Lay it flat in your chosen location.

Introducing to Pet: Place your pet's favorite toy or a treat on the bed to encourage them to explore and get comfortable with it.

Daily Use: Let your pet decide whether they prefer to curl up inside the bed or sprawl on top. Either way, they'll enjoy the warmth and comfort provided by the plush material.

Cleaning: If the bed becomes soiled or dirty, remove any solid waste and place the bed in the washing machine. Wash according to the provided care instructions and air dry.

Rotation: Every so often, rotate the bed to ensure even wear and longevity.

Safety Check: Periodically inspect the bed for any signs of wear or damage. If any part of the bed becomes loose or detached, address the issue to avoid any potential harm to your pet.



Type: Cat and Dog Bed

Material: Plush, PP cotton

Sizes (Outer Diameter):
40cm (Fit for pet 0-1.5kg/0-3.3lbs)

50cm (Fit for pet within 10KG/ within 22lbs)

65cm (Fit for pet within 15KG or 2 to 3 cats/within 33lbs)

Experience the joy of seeing your pet nestled in the PawsParadise 2-in-1 Round Plush Cat and Dog Bed. Give them the warmth, comfort, and security they deserve.


  1. Placement: Position the bed in a location within your home where your pet can easily access and frequently spends time. Avoid direct sunlight or areas with heavy drafts.
  2. Cleaning: When cleaning the bed, follow the washing instructions. Being machine washable makes maintenance a breeze.
  3. Safety: Regularly check to ensure your pet isn't chewing or scratching the bed. If you notice any tears, rips, or damage, refrain from using the bed.
  4. Size Selection: Make sure you choose the bed size appropriate for your pet's weight. Ensure there's ample space for your pet to move comfortably within the bed.
  5. Storage: If you're not planning on using it for an extended period, store the bed in a clean and dry place.


Shipping durations across the globe typically range from 6 to 8 working days.

(Additional handling period: 1-3 days)

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This Innovative Bed Serves As a Luxurious Nest

Instant Comfort

The unique structure of this bed offers the perfect comfort for your pet to sleep soundly.

Durability In Action

Made with quality materials and superior craftsmanship, this bed will create an ideal comfort zone for your pet for many years to come.

Practicality and Elegance in One

With its easy-to-clean structure, your pet's bed will always stay fresh and clean, while its stylish design adds the perfect touch to your home decoration.

Comfort, Care, Cuddles: Every Pet's Dream Bed!

  • Happy Tails Guaranteed

    See the sparkle in your pet's eyes! Our bed promises cozy cuddles and content purrs or wagging tails.

  • Join The Pet Bliss Club

    Thousands have made the switch and seen the difference. Don't let your pet miss out on dreamy slumbers.

  • Worth Every Penny

    A little investment for your pet's happiness and comfort. Remember, they deserve the best!

Frequently asked questions

What materials is this bed made of?

The bed is crafted from plush fabric, offering an extremely soft and comfortable feel. The interior is filled with soft PP cotton for added comfort.

Does this product have an electric heating feature?

No, this bed does not have an electric heating function. However, the bed naturally keeps your pet warm due to its materials.

How do I clean the bed?

This bed is machine-washable. Follow the care instructions provided to ensure the bed remains fluffy and free from lint.

Which size should I choose?

Choose the size based on the weight of your pet:

  • 40cm: Suitable for pets up to 1.5kg
  • 50cm: Suitable for pets up to 10kg
  • 65cm: Suitable for pets up to 15kg or for 2-3 cats

5. Does the bed have a non-slip base?

Yes, the bed features a non-slip rubber base to keep it securely in place on the floor.