About us

Alvera Nest is a leading home and garden decor e-commerce store. Our mission is to offer our customers high quality, stylish and affordable products to help them personalize their living spaces. Our experienced team carefully selects and presents products to our customers keeping in mind the latest trends. Our product range includes furniture, accessories, lighting products and many other decorative items.

Customer satisfaction is always our top priority, and all our products are manufactured according to the highest quality standards. We are always happy to assist you in delivering your orders, answering your questions or any other concerns you may have.

Alvera Nest is not only a store to decorate your home and garden, but also to reflect your lifestyle. We offer you many ways to express yourself and always keep you up to date with our new collections.

In addition, you'll enjoy the benefits of being a part of Alvera Nest.

As Alvera Nest, we help you customize every corner of your home and create the living space of your dreams. Our product line includes furniture, accessories, lighting products, garden tools and much more.

We work to provide our customers with the best service without compromising the quality of our products and their affordable prices. Our professional team is here to help you prepare, ship and track your order.

There are many advantages of cooperating with us. We always strive to offer you the best with our special offers, promotions and innovative products. To meet the expectations of our customers at the highest level, we always produce innovative and original designs. We also offer consulting services during the decoration process in our customers' homes to help them choose the right products.

As Alvera Nest, we offer our customers a reliable and fast shopping experience. Orders are prepared quickly and delivered at great prices with our special offers. We also provide tracking capabilities during the shipping process to ensure our customers are always informed.

Become part of the Alvera Nest family and trust us to create your dream home. By working with us, you can benefit from our high-quality products, affordable prices, and professional service.


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