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Portable Car Humidifier & Aroma Diffuser - Breathe Freshness on the Go

Portable Car Humidifier & Aroma Diffuser - Breathe Freshness on the Go

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Product Description: Experience comfort and freshness during your car journeys with our Portable Car Humidifier & Aroma Diffuser. This compact and versatile device combines the benefits of a humidifier and an aroma diffuser, enhancing the air quality in your vehicle.

Compact and Travel-Ready: With a size of 7.1cm in diameter and 14cm in height, this portable device is designed to fit perfectly in your car. It's your ideal travel companion, ensuring you have a comfortable atmosphere wherever you go.

Efficient Ultrasonic Technology: The ultrasonic technology used in this diffuser efficiently disperses a fine mist, adding moisture to the air, and creating a pleasant ambiance. It operates at a low 5W power to conserve energy.

60ml Water Capacity: Despite its small size, it has a generous 60ml water tank capacity, allowing it to run for extended periods without constant refilling. Simply add your favorite essential oils for a personalized touch.

USB-Powered: The car humidifier conveniently plugs into your car's USB port, making it easy to use. It operates at a safe 5V/1A voltage, ensuring compatibility with most vehicles.

Complete Package: The package includes the Aroma diffuser, an instruction manual, a USB data cable, and an elegant cowhide box, making it an excellent gift choice.

Enjoy fresh, humidified air and the soothing aroma of your choice with the Portable Car Humidifier & Aroma Diffuser. Upgrade your car's atmosphere and create a more comfortable driving experience.

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