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WildScape Hammock Tent - Your Outdoor Oasis

WildScape Hammock Tent - Your Outdoor Oasis

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Product Description:

Escape to the WildScape Hammock Tent, a perfect blend of comfort and adventure for your outdoor living space. Experience the thrill of camping in the wilderness while enjoying the comfort of your own outdoor living room.

Key Features:

  1. Generous Size: This tent accommodates 3 to 4 people, making it ideal for family outings or gatherings with friends.

  2. Natural Tones: With a rustic brown color classification, the WildScape Hammock Tent blends seamlessly with nature, creating an immersive outdoor experience.

  3. Lightweight Design: Weighing just 2.8kg, it's easy to carry and set up, ensuring you can enjoy the great outdoors without the hassle.

  4. Versatile Seasonality: Designed for four seasons, this tent provides shelter and comfort year-round, allowing you to embrace nature in any weather.

  5. Spacious Interior: Unfolding to 340x240x190 cm (L * W * H), it offers ample room for relaxation and sleep, with a one-bedroom tent space structure.

  6. Waterproof Protection: The external account boasts a waterproof index of 2000mm to 3000mm, keeping you dry even in rainy conditions. The bottom waterproof index is less than 1000mm.

  7. Quality Materials: Crafted from durable nylon cloth and supported by a sturdy frame, the WildScape Hammock Tent is built to withstand outdoor adventures.

Packing List:

  • Tent Stakes * 14
  • 4m Wind Rope * 10
  • Chimney Cloth * 1
  • Storage Bag * 1

Elevate your camping experience with the WildScape Hammock Tent. Whether you're in the heart of the wilderness or your own backyard, this versatile tent brings the outdoors to your living room.

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